Faculty and Specialists

Environmental economics, health economics, applied econometrics, especially relating to questions of causal inference
Environmental and resource economics, energy economics and applied econometrics
Environmental and Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Applied Econometrics
Development economics, agriculture for development, technological innovations, rural institutions, payments for environmental services
International trade and finance, economic development
Economics of global climate change
Energy, environmental regulation
Forest economics and management, wildfire protection planning
Development Economics, Urban Economics
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Non-market valuation, environmental economics and policy, water pricing and management, demand modeling for market research and policy design, the economics of irreversibility and adaptive management
Information theoretic approaches to econometric estimation and inference
International trade, design of international environmental agreements, international investment agreements, trade liberalization and environment, instrument selection for pollution control, alternative discounting models
Dynamic incentives and inequality, development economics, agricultural contracts, risk sharing, intra-household allocation, applied econometrics
Labor markets in developing countries, social networks, economics of HIV/AIDS
Development economics, Econometrics, Technology adoption, Health, Agriculture, Management, Measurement error, Dynamic choice
Industrial organization, labor, agricultural economics, marketing, trade, econometrics
Agricultural economics, applied econometrics, futures and options markets, industrial organization and antitrust analysis, natural resource and environmental economics, public policy and economic regulation
Development economics, poverty, microfinance institutions, education, program impact evaluation
Public economics, energy economics, transportation, taxation
Environmental economics, natural resources, agriculture, econometrics, regulation, law and economics
Industrial organization, consumer behavior, food policy, environmental regulation
International trade, economics of markets for storable commodities, dynamics of policy and capitalization of support payments
Agricultural and nutritional policy, economics of technological change, economics of natural resources and micro-economic theory
Industrial organization and government regulation, energy economics, applied microeconomic theory
Energy and environmental economics, applied microeconomics, public finance
Health economics
Regulation of business, energy and environmental economics, electricity industry restructuring
Energy and climate policy, energy and emissions pathways, electricity market and planning, low-carbon economics transition and appliance efficiency issues in China
Development, energy, environment and climate change, trade, food and agricultural policy, international trade
Environmental and energy economics, water policy, game theory, mechanism design and environmental regulation, comparing agri-environmental policy processes in the U.S. and Europe
Environmental, resource, and forestry economics; the costs of environmental regulation