Faculty and Specialists

Michael L Anderson's picture
Environmental economics, health economics, applied econometrics, especially relating to questions of causal inference
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Assistant Professor
Development Economics and Microeconomic issues, with a focus on digital financial markets, insurance, and firms in sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the United States
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George Pardee Jr. Professor of International Sustainable Development & Regional Associate Dean Letters & Science
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International trade, applied econometrics
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Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension
Agricultural economics, Water resource economics
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Professor of the Graduate School
Development economics, agriculture for development, technological innovations, rural institutions, payments for environmental services
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Associate Professor
International trade and finance, economic development
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Professor Emeritus
+1 510 642-7555
Economics of global climate change
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Energy, environmental regulation
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Professor Emeritus & Former Dean of RCNR
Forest economics and management, wildfire protection planning
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Development Economics, Urban Economics, Political Economy
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Professor Emeritus
+1 510 642-3345 (msg only)
Non-market valuation, environmental economics and policy, water pricing and management, demand modeling for market research and policy design, the economics of irreversibility and adaptive management
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Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension
Agricultural Labor, Productivity, Policy Analysis, Air Pollution & Agriculture
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Professor Emeritus
+1 510 642-0791
Information theoretic approaches to econometric estimation and inference
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Distinguished Professor
International trade, design of international environmental agreements, international investment agreements, trade liberalization and environment, instrument selection for pollution control, alternative discounting models
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Dynamic incentives and inequality, development economics, agricultural contracts, risk sharing, intra-household allocation, applied econometrics
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Professor and Department Chair
Labor, Agriculture, and Social Networks in Development
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Associate Professor
(510) 664–7163
Development economics, Econometrics, Technology adoption, Health, Agriculture, Management, Measurement error, Dynamic choice
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Distinguished Professor
Industrial organization, labor, agricultural economics, marketing, trade, econometrics
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Professor of the Graduate School
+1 510-919-0039
Agricultural economics, applied econometrics, futures and options markets, industrial organization and antitrust analysis, natural resource and environmental economics, public policy and economic regulation
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Professor of the Graduate School
Development economics, poverty, microfinance institutions, education, program impact evaluation
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Public economics, energy economics, transportation, taxation
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Professor of the Graduate School
+1 510 642-8229
Environmental economics, natural resources, agriculture, energy, econometrics, applied econometrics
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Class of 1934 Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor in Agricultural Economics and Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Industrial organization, consumer behavior, food policy, environmental regulation
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Distinguished Professor
+1 510 642-3345 (messages only)
agricultural and resource economics, dynamic stochastic markets for storable commodities, innovation and intellectual property, agricultural policy, industrial organization, genetic resource conservation
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Distinguished Professor
+1 510 642-6570
Agricultural and nutritional policy, economics of technological change, economics of natural resources and micro-economic theory
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Director UC Energy Institute/Professor of Business Administration
+1 510 642-3689
Industrial organization and government regulation, energy economics, applied microeconomic theory
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Jeffrey A. Jacobs Distinguished Professor
+1 510 642-1651
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Chancellor's Professor
Public Policy
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Oxfam Professor in Environmental and Resource Economics | Faculty Director of the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA)
+1 510 642-7162
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Associate Professor | Transamerica Chair in Business Strategy
Energy and Environmental Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics
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Adjunct Professor
510 495-8886
Energy and climate policy, energy and emissions pathways, electricity market and planning, low-carbon economics transition and appliance efficiency issues in China
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Adjunct Professor
+1 510 643-6362
Development, energy, environment and climate change, trade, food and agricultural policy, international trade
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Professor in Graduate School
Development economics
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Environmental, resource, and forestry economics; the costs of environmental regulation
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Adjunct Professor
Env. & energy economics, water policy, game theory, mechanism design & env'l regulation, comparing agri-env'l policy processes in the U.S. & Europe