The Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) undergraduate major is open to students in the College of Natural Resources (CNR) and the College of Letters & Science. The program takes a problem-solving approach to issues involving renewable and fixed natural resources, and it is based on a foundation in micro-economic theory and the economics of resources and the environment.

Students may enroll in the CNR Senior Thesis in EEP if they meet the requirements. 

Students may enroll in the CNR Honors Program in EEP if they meet the requirements. 

Here are some examples of EEP Alumni Honors' Thesis Titles and their Faculty Mentors

  • Sophie Andrews. EEP 2018, CNR Faculty Mentor: James Sallee, **Melis Medal Award Winner, "Temperature Response in U.S. Electricity Demand, an Investigation into Adaptive Preferences"
  • Jared O’Shaughnessy. CRS CNR Faculty Mentor: Jonas Meckling, EEP  Sofia Villas-Boas, **Melis Medal Award Winner, "Analyzing ecological tax reform: The case of British Columbia"
  • Charlie Diamond, EEP 2013, CNR Faculty Mentor: David Zilberman, "Climate Change and Integrated Flood Risk Management in the Sacramento- San Joaquin Delta: Lessons from the Netherlands"
  • Fanglin Sun, EEP, 2013, CNR Faculty Mentor: Maximillian Auffhammer, "Solar PV Policy In China: Challenges & Opportunities"
  • Mason French, EEP, 2012, CNR Faculty Mentor: Brian Wright, ARE, "Re-Inventing the Windmill"
  • Chan, Elizabeth, EEP 2012, CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas,  "The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Energy Savings Competition on Energy Savings Behavior"
  • Guy, Jonathan, EEP 2012, CNR Faculty Mentor: Sofia Villas-Boas, **Melis Medal Award Winner, "Disparities in Food Access among Districts in San Francisco"

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