Honors and Senior Theses in EEP


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Congrats Yeeun Moon winner of the  Spring 2021 Melis Medal RCNR Honors symposium - Social Sciences, Adviser James Sayre, Department of ARE, PhD student.


Congrats to Graduating Class of 2021 Honors Students in the EEP Major!


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A Sample of EEP Alumni Honors' Thesis

  • Scott Kaplan. 2014. "Alternative Crop Adoption: A Study from Cote d'Ivoire,"  PRESENTATION (mentor David Zilberman, ARE)
  • Natalie Mezaki. 2017. "Using Econometrics to Test the Effects of Environmental Injustice on Performance in School" THESISPRESENTATION (mentor: Brian Wright, ARE)
  • Sophie Andrews. 2018. "Temperature Response in U.S. Electricity Demand, an Investigation into Adaptive Preferences," PRESENTATION (mentor: James Sallee, ARE) Melis Medalist.
  • Ryan Saraie. 2018. "Impacts of the California Solar Initiative on Solar Energy Adoption" THESIS (mentor: Meredith Fowlie) Melis Medalist.
  • Tyler Jacobson.  2019. " Estimating Willingness to Pay for Cleaner Air" VIDEO, THESIS (mentors David Card, Economics;  Sofia B. Villas-Boas, ARE).  Melis Medalist.
  • Kipper Berven.  2020. "The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act's Impact on Ground Water Withdrawal in the Sacramento Hydrologic Region,"  THESIS (mentors Sofia B. Villas-Boas, ARE; Ellen Bruno, ARE).
  • Ryan Andresen,  2020. "Does Drought Surcharge Pricing Induce Water Conservation?" THESIS (mentor Sofia Villas-Boas, ARE).
  • Xinyue Gao, 2020. "Analysis of Factors Influencing Organic Consumption Among Young Adults in California" THESIS (mentor Sofia Villas-Boas, ARE).
  • Ariana Jessa, 2020. "Exploring Climate Change Adaptation Pathways for the Guna Yala in San Blas, Panama." PDF iconThesis,  PDF iconPRESENTATION (mentor Sofia Villas-Boas, ARE)
  • Jerry Zhu, 2020. "A State on Fire: Effect of California Wildfire on Perceived Risks and Home Values." PDF iconThesis,  PDF iconPRESENTATION (mentor Sofia Villas-Boas, ARE) Melis Medalist.
  • Yanling Liu, 2020. "Bioplastic(Petrochemical Plastic Substitutes): Price Burden and Path to Cost Reduction." PDF iconPRESENTATION (mentor Brian Wright, ARE)
  • Yeeun Moon, 2021. "Has Drug Production in Mexico Contributed to Deforestation?"  PDF iconPRESENTATION (mentor James Sayre, ARE) Melis Medalist.
  • Jackie Copfer, 2021. "Impact of COVID-19 Outbreaks at US MEat packing plants on Consumer Preferences for Safe Essential Worker Conditions: Evidence from Discrete Choice Analysis," PDF iconTHESIS. (mentor Sofia VillasBoas, ARE)
  • Nica Campbell, 2021. "The COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Consumers' environmental Conciousness and Food Choices in  California," PDF iconTHESIS (mentor Sofia Villas-Boas ARE)