Requesting a Room:

  1. Make all requests by submitting the reservation form, at least 2 business days prior to desired meeting time. It is not necessary to email ARE staff directly in addition to submitting a request, unless a same-day/urgent request. 
  2. Card key access is required to use the ARE meetings rooms. If you don't have card key access, please contact your administrative coordinator.
  3. Reservation of ARE meeting rooms for non-ARE courses and teaching is not available. 
  4. Choose a room (see links listed here, to the left) to see it's calendar and check for availability before submitting your request. 
  5. Once you verify that your desired time is available, proceed to submit a completed ARE Room Request Form. 
  6. Adhere to the Policies and Guidelines (see below) governing rooms and space.

ARE Rooms

237 Giannini Hall | 238 Giannini Hall | 241 Giannini Hall 

Policies & Guidelines

As a courtesy to other users, please practice these policies and guidelines when using ARE rooms:

  • Please ensure that the door(s) and windows are securely closed upon departure. Please do not leave doors propped open. 
  • Chairs, furnishings and equipment are not to be removed from the rooms. 
  • Do not rearrange furniture unless it is placed back in its official configuration immediately upon completion of your meeting.
  • Food and beverages are discouraged. 
  • Groups and individuals using the space are directly responsible for immediately cleaning food and beverage spills/accidents. Do not leave spills/accidents unattended. 
  • In consideration of others, and the prevention of cockroaches and mice, immediately dispose of all trash, recyclables and compost material in room bins and/or hallway bins.
  • Please be mindful of noise level; please be considerate of others.    
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served without prior authorization and approval by ARE.  A campus permit & faculty sponsor at time of the alcohol- serving events is a campus requirement [UCPD alcohol permit request form]
  • Groups and individuals are responsible for ANY damage to University/ARE Department property.
  • All campus rules and regulations are in effect using the space.
  • After your meeting, please be sure the room is cleared of trash, tabletops are wiped clean, the whiteboard is erased, furniture is reset to its proper configuration, and the lights are off.
  • Room Reservations FAQ