Congratulations to ARE Class of 2020!

May 18, 2020

On Sunday, May 17th, 2020, ARE honored recent graduates with a virtual ceremony. Chair Jeff Perloff welcomed all the graduates, their families, and their friends. Each students' thesis advisor spoke about the accomplishments of their students. While it was disappointing to not have the traditional graduation ceremony at the Greek Theater, at least we could be together on Zoom to celebrate (For the video of the event go here). Best wishes to all our graduates. To see destinations of some of the Class of 2020, please go here.

(L-R) Dave McLaughlin, Kwabena Donkor, Claire Duquennois, Manaswini Rao, Léopold Biardeau, Elisa Duran, Vaishnavi Surendra, Matt Pecenco, Graduate Student Advisor Carmen Karahalios, Deepak Premkumar, Sakib Mahmood, and Susanna Berkouwer.