Jill J. McCluskey is ARE Alumna of the Year 2022

October 05, 2022

Jill McCluskey is the Director and Regent Professor at the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University. She received her Ph.D from ARE in 1998 and is a leading scholar of consumer preferences for food and information, environmental quality, and the industrial organization of agricultural and energy sectors. "McCluskey's research focuses on product quality and reputation, sustainable labeling, consumer preferences for new technology, and representation of women in STEM.  An award-winning researcher, she has published more than 125 journal articles and her research has been cited more than 7,000 times. Her research has been funded by private foundations, NSF, and USDA.  An award-winning mentor, she has served as major professor to over 42 Ph.D graduates, many of whom are Professors at major research universities."

Professor McCluskey was named a Fellow of the Agricultural and Applied Economic Association (AAEA) in 2018. She served as the President of the AAEA from 2015-6, and is now an editor for the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, and is a member on the Board on Agricultural and Natural Resources, National Academies | Sciences, Engineering, Medicine. 

Join us in congratulating ARE alumna Jill J.  McClusky on a career filled with distinguished achievements and contributions to society.