ARE Professor Sofia Villas-Boas Appointed the Class of 1934 Robert Gordon Sproul Chair in Agricultural Economics

October 05, 2020

Regarding Professor Villas-Boas' investigation in the vertical structure of markets:  "She has made both theoretical and empirical contributions. From her earliest work, she gained fame because prior to her, no one had empirically studied vertical relationships and bargaining between multiple retailers and multiple manufacturers, distributors, and upstream producers. Critically, she was the first to show that bargaining power is not an inherent characteristic of a firm but an outcome of the negotiating process, so it depends on the characteristics of one’s negotiation partner. Professor Villas-Boas continues to investigate markets in which several agents interact, bargain, and procure products to final consumers, which is an inherent feature of agricultural and agrobusiness products. Indeed, the key role of supply chains affects all industries from ethanol to online retailing."

And, with respect to her research in the area of food demand.:"She is widely recognized as a leader in the emerging study of consumer response to information. For instance, Villas-Boas’ recent published and ongoing work estimates the effects of policies on consumer behavior, such a product labeling changes, a bottled water tax, a plastic bag ban, and a soda tax campaign and its implementation."

Congratulations Sofia!