Jeff Perloff Recipient of 2019 CNR Distinguished Teaching Award

May 24, 2019

Professor Perloff's evaluations were very high across all classes and all specific questions within each class. Students in his microeconomic theory class said: "Perloff is incredibly welcoming and open to discussion. He also encourages the class to initiate participation–despite the class being tough to teach. He has persevered through the tough audience, and continues to encourage participation to the very last day. He's incredibly enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and kind. He gets a 10!" (The highest possible score is actually 7, so 10 is rather extraordinary!). Students in his environmental econ class said: "Explanation, Exercises, Questions, Lecturing. Every aspect was great!" Jeff Perloff also makes his students feel cared-for and individually nurtured; his evaluations were full of comments such as: "He's one of the best professors I've ever had -- super personal, knowledgeable and caring"; and "I truly feel the prof tries to make sure we all learn".

The selection committee unanimously chose Professor Perloff for CNR's Distinguished Teaching Award.

Please join us in congratulating Jeff.