Environmental Economist Joseph Shapiro Joins The ARE Faculty

July 16, 2018

Search committee co-chair and ARE professor Max Auffhammer notes that "Shapiro's research displays a remarkable ability to address first-order empirical questions in the field, an impressive command of state-of-the-art empirical methods, and clear insightful connections between underlying theory and his empirical results."  

Shapiro's paper entitled "The Environmental Bias of Trade Policy" (coauthored with Haas School of Business professor Reed Walker and forthcoming in the American Economic Review) shows that most of the dramatic decrease in air pollution emissions from U.S. manufacturing since 1990 comes from changing the methods used to produce manufactured goods rather than changing the types of goods produced, and that environmental regulation can account for much of this decline in pollution.

Other recent research includes a paper documenting trends in domestic water pollution and associated water quality regulation in unprecedented detail. The paper is coauthored with David Keiser of Iowa State University and is forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

Please join us in welcoming Joe and his family to Berkeley.