ARE Phd Candidate Susanna Berkouwer In PBS Newshour Video

Kenya races toward goal of electrifying every household

May 25, 2017

Susanna delivers terrifically informative and engaging interviews in this PBS Newshour Video regarding an electrification project in Kenya.

During the interview, Susanna discusses findings from previous research conducted by ARE affiliated researchers Catherine Wolfram, Ted Miguel, and Ken Lee, consisting of a randomized field experiment of rural electrification in Western Kenya. This research, and additional research that the team is currently conducting, will help inform the Kenyan government's Last Mile Connectivity Project. 

According to C. Livesay, PBS correspondent: "The Last Mile Connectivity Project is a government program to connect 70 percent of Kenyans to the grid by this year. It’s part of a larger goal to achieve universal access to electricity by 2020. It’s an ambitious undertaking—Kenya would become one of the first sub-Saharan African nations to reach this milestone."
Great work Susanna!