Women In Economics At Berkeley (WEB)

April 05, 2017

Women in Economics at Berkeley (WEB) announces the launch of a new website, which provides information about WEB’s history, current leadership, and its portfolio of activities, as well as a blog.

ARE is pleased to have signifcant representation on the WEB Leadership Board 2016-2017:

Elizabeth Ramirez Ritchie, Co-President, Co-Director Faculty Recruitment, Research Seminars

Ceren Baysan, Co-Director Research Seminars

Manaswini Rao, Co-Director Mentorship

Megan Lang, Co-Director Community Building

Deirdre Sutula, Co-Director Recruitment

Fiona Burlig, Co-Director Communications, + Department Liaison

Vaishnavi Surendra, Co-Director Faculty Recruitment

Aluma Dembo, Co-Director Communications, + Department Liaison

Kate Pennington, Co-Director Community Building

Please go to the WEB "Who We Are" page to see a full listing of the Leadership Board 2016-2017.