Elisabeth Sadoulet Wins 2016 CNR Distinguished Teaching Award

April 08, 2016

The ARE department proudly announces that Professor Elisabeth (Betty) Sadoulet has received the College of Natural Resources (CNR) 2016 Distinguished Teaching Award.  Professor Sadoulet's colleague ARE Professor Brian Wright, a member of CNRs Committee on Student-Faculty Relations states, "Her teaching record for the requisite and tough (yet enrollment-expanding) undergraduate course, Introductory Applied Econometrics (EEP C118), is quite extraordinary," and has generated enthusiastic letters from current and past students detailing their experience and Professor Sadoulet's influence on their thinking and careers.  Sadoulet received this prestigious award at the CNR Graduation Commencement Ceremony at the Greek Theater on Sunday May 15th, where students and the CNR community had the opportunity to honor her.

Professor Sadoulet's award nomination and supporting letters are the strongest possible.  Former UC Berkeley undergraduate, and ARE doctoral graduate, Assistant Professor Kyle Emerick of Tufts University, states that Sadoulet's EEP 118 course had a strong impact on not only his academic path but his current research agenda as well.  Emerick states he had the opportunity of having Sadoulet as his PhD adviser. He goes on to comment that what benefited him the most from Professor Sadoulet's advising was that every bit of hard work he put in was equally reciprocated by Sadoulet's efforts as an adviser.  Sadoulet and Emerick have published three papers and continue to collaborate on several ongoing research projects in India and Bangladesh. Emerick attributes this productive collaboration with his former mentor to her teaching.  

Daley Kutzman is a graduating doctoral student from ARE and a former UC Berkeley undergraduate student, on her way to becoming a faculty member at Northwestern University. Daley believes her strong support of this teaching award for Sadoulet is just one step toward the very difficult task that still lies ahead: finding a way to show Betty the depth of gratitude she has for her and all that she has done for Daley and countless other students. Several current and recent Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP) undergraduate majors praised Betty for the impact she has had on their Cal lives and beyond. Scott Kaplan and Michelle Nacouzi "cannot think of another professor (they) had during their four years at UC Berkeley who would be more deserving [of this award].” Emma Roos-Collins "would not believe (her)self capable of technical research without Professor Sadoulet." Jameson Reeves comments that Betty "deserves this award for her teaching abilities, inside and outside the classroom, as well as for her ability to inspire and help students well-after they have left her classroom." EEP 118 seems to be "a terrifying hurdle on the path towards graduation, yet with Betty's approach I genuinely enjoyed the class" says Lexi Spaulding, another EEP alumnus.  Spaulding felt that Betty's introduction to "the field of econometrics instantly enamored (her) with the subject."  Finally, EEP alumnus Jack Pfeiffer concludes that without Betty's influence "I may not have pursued this career path, and most certainly would be less passionate about my work." Congratulations Betty from everyone in ARE.