ARE Faculty And Alums Recognized At AAEA Meetings In San Francisco

August 31, 2015

Congratulations to UC Berkeley/ARE faculty and alumni who were recognized for their achievements in research at the 2015 AAEA Awards & Fellows Recognition Ceremony, San Francisco, CA, July, 2015.  For a complete list of awards, please see the 2015 AAEA Awards and Fellows Ceremony Program.

2015 AAEA Awards and Fellows Recognition

2015 Fellow
J. Edward Taylor (UCB/ARE Phd, 1984), University of California, Davis

Bruce Gardner Memorial Prize for Applied Policy Analysis
Bruce Babcock (UCB/ARE Phd, 1987) & Sebastian Pouliot, Iowa State University

Quality of Communication Award
Geoffrey Barrows (UCB/ARE Phd, 2015); Steven Sexton (UCB/ARE Phd, 2012), North Carolina State University; and David Zilberman (UCB/ARE Phd, 1979), University of California, Berkeley, “Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and Prospects of Genetically Modified Crops”

J. Edward Taylor (UCB/ARE Phd, 1984), University of California, Davis; and Mateusz Filipski, International Food Policy Research Institute, “Beyond Experiments in Development Economics: Local Economy-wide Impact Evaluation”