Development Economics Researcher Meets Development Reality: From UC Berkeley to the World Bank

Friday October 27, 2023
12:10pm - 1:30pm
241 Giannini Hall
Gershon Feder | ARE Alumni of the Year Presentation, ARE Friday Seminar Series
About this event

Excerpt from the AAEA Fellows page:

"Gershon Feder has contributed to agricultural and developmental economics as the author of seminal and widely-cited books and articles, as well as through his role in the management of development activities and as an advisor on development policies at the World Bank. After graduating from the University of California (Berkeley), he joined World Bank and rapidly rose in rank to become Division Chief and Research Manager. Gershon is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on the evaluation of extension impact, and has made path-breaking contributions in the fields of land policy, the economics of technology diffusion, and farmer behavior under uncertainty. His early works on other developmental economics topics, such as sovereign debt-servicing capacity and the contribution of exports to economic growth continue to be cited in recent literature. His contributions were recognized by the agricultural economics profession, with two of his coauthored works receiving the Quality of Research Discovery Award from AAEA, and one work awarded the Publication of Enduring Quality. As noted by his former professor at Berkeley, "the excellence of his scholarship has been the anchor of his impact on real world development in his World Bank career."