Zhimin Li
Job Market Paper:
“The ‘China Shock’ on China: Trade, Structural Transformation, and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics”
Fields of research:
  • International Trade
  • Macroeconomics
  • Development Economics
Publications / Working Papers:







  • “The Good China Syndrome: Local Effects of Chinese Housing Investment in the U.S.” (with C. Zhang and L.S. Shen)

  • “Agglomeration and the Effect of Government Spending on Economic Geography” (with D. Koustas)


  • UC Berkeley, Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2018 (expected)
  • Yale University, MESc in Environmental Economics, 2012
  • Shantou University, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2008
Honors and Awards:
  • Student Marshall, Yale University, 2012





  • Jubitz Family Endowment for Research Fund Award, 2012

  • First Prize Winner of  “21st Century Lenovo Cup” English Speaking Contest of College Students in China, 2008

  • Graduate Student Instructor for International Trade (undergraduate) at UC Berkeley, Spring 2016.
  • Graduate Student Instructor for Macroeconomics (undergraduate) at UC Berkeley, Spring 2015.
  • Graduate Student Instructor for Development Economics (undergraduate) at UC Berkeley, Fall 2014 and Fall 2015.
  • Instructor for Introduction to Economics at Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes at Stanford University, Summer 2015.
  • Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
    Professor, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley 
    Email: pog@berkeley.edu

  • Thibault Fally
    Assistant Professor, Ag. and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley 
    Email: fally@berkeley.edu

  • Andres Rodriguez-Clare
    Professor, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley 
    Email: andres@econ.berkeley.edu

Contact Information:

Email:      zhimin.li@berkeley.edu
Phone:      +1 510 717 4677
Address:  Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics
                 University of California Berkeley
                 207 Giannini Hall #3310
                 Berkeley, CA 94720-3310

Placement Directors:

Professor Maximilian Auffhammer
Tel: 510-643-5472

Professor Peter Berck
Tel: 510-642-7238

Professor Sofia Villas-Boas
Tel: 510-643-6359

Placement Officer:

Diana Lazo
Tel: 510-642-3345


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Zhimin Li