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NOTE: These texts remain the same from year to year.  They are like a textbook.

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Chapter 0: Math Review

Chapter 1: What is Economics?

Chapter 2: When is a Market Socially Optimal?

Chapter 3: Welfare Economics

Chapter 4: Negative Externalities and Governement Policy

Chapter 5: Issues in Externality Control

Chapter 6: Other Considerations of Externality Policy

Chapter 7: Public Goods

Chapter 8: Technology

Chapter 9: Valuation of Environmental Benefits

Chapter 10: Natural Resource Economics

Chapter 11:Natural Resources and Dynamic Systems

Chapter 12: Nonrenewable Resources -- Not covered in Spring 2003

Chapter 13: Renewable Resources: Fisheries--Only pages 1-6 in Spring 2003

Chapter 14: Climate Change 

Chapter 14A: Climate Change Addendum -- NEW and important!

Chapter 15: Forestry Economics--Only pages 1-4 in Spring 2003

Chapter 16:Surface Water Economics

Chapter 16A:Surface Water Economics: Notes

Chapter 17: Irrigation Economics

Chapter 17A:Drainage and Water Quality

Chapter 18: Pesticide Economics--Sample problems on p. 12 and p.18 were not covered in class in Spring 2003. However, you should be able to discuss implications and conclusions.

Chapter 19: Biodiversity/Biotech

Chapter 20: Environmental Services

Chapter 21: Animal Waste (newly updated!!!)

Chapter 22: On Economics, Ethics, Politics and the Environment


(i) Irreversibility and Option Value

(ii) Two-period Renewable Resource Model with Non-zero Interest Rate

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