Sofia Berto Villas-Boas

Class of 1934 Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor in Agricultural Economics


U California, Berkeley - Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, 223 University Hall, CA 94720-3310

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SIEPR- Giannini Data Center

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  • Daily Cal , SF Chronicle and US World News & World Report and NBC Bay Area News, April 18, 2023 , about PLOS Medicine Paper ``Impact Soda Taxes in Oakland.''
  • COVID-19 Mobility and Social Distancing Changes in the US and Reopening Evidence, June 15, 2020, Paper Brief , and CUDARE Working Paper .
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    The Sideways Effects of Wine, joint with Frederico Finan.

    Identification of Pass-Through, joint with Rebecca Hellerstein.

    Cross-Category Effects, Multimarket Contact and Strategic Pricing

    Environmental Regulation and Arbitrage in Wholesale Gasoline, joint with Justine Hastings.

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