EEP 142 - Industrial Organization with Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources

Spring Semester, Sofia Villas-Boas

Some of the Past Group Projects

Spring 2010

1- OPEC - Lecture 5. Stephen Chen, Farah Ereiqat, Stephanie Hall ,Jennifer Wong.

2- Olive Oil Certification / Ready to Eat Cereal Industry - Lecture 10, Daley Kutzman, Ana Castillo, Andrew Postal, and Alice Tu.

3- Alcoa . - Lecture 12.

4- Utah Pie - Presention , Lecture 15, Gabriela Giusta, Lawrence Russell, Cici Wang, Jason Koo, and William Lin.

5 - Marketing Orders Lecture 14..

6 - Joint Executive Committee Cartel - Lecture 17.

7 - Predation ATT Tobacco - Lecture 17 Jing Pan, Korina Cassidy, Matt Chun, Richard Khang Esther Kang, and Ivy Lee.

8 - Microsoft , Lecture 18 Lestarya Tuadi, - Michelle Kim, Niquita Sharma, Nour Mardini, and Vanessa Webber.

9 - Mines and Utilities Contracts Joskow - Lecture 19.

10 - Franchising Lecture 19, Ronald Chang, Janet Chau, Karen He, and Francesca Wang.

11- Carbon Print, Pollution Big Top Ten - Lecture 21 Peter Le, Giancarlo Leonio, Candace Au-Yeung. .

12- Restaurant Hygiene grade cards regulation - Lecture 22, Jing Wen Yang , So Yin Ng , Man Yang Wong , Henry Chaung, Maggie Wong, and Siu Lung Lam.

13 - General Advertising,- Lecture 23, Richard Gorman, Lucia Phan and Ellena Nguyen.

14- General Advertising Got Milk - Lecture 23, Margaret Chi, Christina Khosrowabadi, Adam Furman, and Richard Tabura.

15 - Regulation and the effects of the DOJ Leniency Program - Lecture 23, Jose Soria and Michael Tsai.

16 - Enron - Lecture 24 Henry Mak, Babalolo Ogunbiyi, Lissette Rojo and Nick Noyer .

17 - De beers Lecture 24, Julie Zhu, Chris Morales , Ting Yin Wong, Likuang Wong, Yuchao Zhuang, and Kyle Chuang.

18 - Introduction to Biofuel - Lecture 25,Howard Lo, Kao Saephanh, Ellie Laidlaw, Michael Nguyen , Johnny Liu, and Chung Hsing How.

21 - Biofuels - Lecture 25, Minying Yang, Yue Qi, Qi Wei, Huanyi Li, andSiQing Liang.

22 - Food Prices in Ag Markets Lecture 26, Hye (Cher) Lee, Sungmin (Min) Song, Masato Kato.

23 - Food Prices Part two Lecture 26.

24 - Francising (not in class) Kin Tat Lay, Hoi Ying Tang, Ting Ting Liang, Hui Gao, and Siu Lai Chow.

25 - Biofuels (not in class) Lubna Khan.

26- Compet in Health Insurance Markets in Rural USA, (not in class), Edgar Flores.

27- Product differentiation in bottled water (not in class), Thuy Hong, Alfredo Garcia, Diana Sanchez, and Nayda Cantabrana.

28 - Generics and Brands in Pharmaceuticals, (not in class), Whitney Ramos, Ryan Shuler, Ian Monaghan, Aaron Lowe, and Casey.

29 - Biofuels (not in class), Lubna Khan.

30 - Generic Adv (not in class) Emmeline Sun.

31- Generic Advertising (not in class) Ellen Sidharta.

32 Utah Pie not in class, Brett Arias.

33 organization of firms in financial services industry, Jerry Barnes.

34 to be added, Kou Sundberg.

35 asymmetric information, Brendan DeLano.

36 Food Prices in Ag markets (not in class), Riccardo Ulivi.

37 Biofuels (not inc lass), Min ji Cho, Song Yi Han, and Dong young Lee.

38 Arbitrage, Alex Mao.

Spring 2009

1 - OPEC - Lecture 5. Ashley Trott,Sam Holmberg and Sarah Wong, Opec , version with no images pdf version ..

2- Ready to Eat Cereal Industry - Lecture 10. Olive Oil Extra Virgin Certification.

3- Alcoa . - Lecture 12.Balveen Singh, Vanessa Tomes, Fatima Luna, Lillian Jue, and Xi Chen.

4- Utah Pie - Presention , Lecture 15 March 19th. Leonard Wong, Ryan Kent, Nathan Lau.

5 - Marketing Orders Lecture 14. (Orie Guo - report due April 29th).

6 - Joint Executive Committee Cartel - Lecture 17, April 2nd. Natalie Sit Yin Ho, Shu Hang Kwan, Jane Li, and Amy (Yikam Law), and Kaying Lui .

7 - Predation ATT Tobacco - Lecture 17. AVAILABLE.

8 - Microsoft , Lecture 18 - April 7th, Joanne Tang, Ki Tai Choi, JingZhi Qiang, Tae Yang Park,Wen Fang.

9 - Mines and Utilities Contracts Joskow - Lecture 19, April 9th, Wen Chuan Yi (Anita), Denny Tran and Erik Fernandez.

10 - Franchising Lecture 19, Michael Cheng , Lina Phan, In,HyunJoo/Lee,Chi eun/Ha,Betty/Jung,Jennifer.

11- Carbon Print, Pollution Big Top Ten - Lecture 21, April 16th - Amy Ng, David Lum, Milana Ruffin and Alana Lemarchand.

12- Restaurant Hygiene grade cards regulation - Lecture 22, April 21th, Ziyun Yvonne Zhuang, Jay De Jesus, Nicholas Tse, and Melissa Gonzales.

13 - General Advertising,- Lecture 23, April 23rd. Alvaro Leiva, Kenny Lo, and Xu Wen.

14- General Advertising Got Milk - Lecture 23, April 23rd, Michael Ray, Daphnie Ng and Daniel Ya,n and Toni Xiao-yang Yang.

15 - Regulation and the effects of the DOJ Leniency Program - Lecture 23, April 23rd, John Cortez, Yi Wang , and Kathleen Wong.

16 - Enron - Lecture 24, April 28th, Alexis Nunez, Diana Rosas, Jessica Meza-Dominguez, Mary Love, and Saul Chavez.

17 - De beers Lecture 24, I will prsent this during this lecture April 28th.

18 de Beers, report due April 29th, Tara Moayed, Tyler Higgings, Kelly Koay, Luke Langon, and Jennifer Nguyen.

19 - De Beers Project report due April 29th: Praneet Row, Salehah Rao Hassan, Miles Timpson.

20 - Introduction to Biofuel - Lecture 25, April 30th, Nan Shi, Doris Yu, Songxu Wu, Hui Becky Li.

21 - Biofuels - Lecture 25, April 30th, Bing Liu, David Roh, Juan Shishido, Lisa Garrett.

22 - Food Prices in Ag Markets Lecture 26, May 5th, Rocky Hong, Greg Haugh, Kenny Valkenier and Kate Hammond

23 - Food Prices Part two Lecture 26, May 5th Monika Roy, Jannicka Murphy, Elena Mckinstry, Lihn Nguyen.

24 - Products Manufactured by Inmates, Lecture 27, project due April 29th - Vanessa Angle, Angelica Flores, Maria Garcia.

25 - P G and E - George Otiono, Tracy Qiu, Michaelyn Wipf. - Presentation April 29th 2:30 226 Giannini.

26 - Zipcar Project - Phillip Cory, Kaitlin Jaffe, Taj Walton and Tulsi Patel, May 7th, Thursday presentaiton during lecture.

27 - AIG - Matthew Fong, Yesl Lee, Minkyung Lee, Koochul Jung, presentation May 1 OH 4:20.

28 - Browser Market Competition - Charles Liu

Spring 2008

1- What car should I drive? car sharing vs owning car, Ken Chu, Elliot Deal, Betty Hui, Jennifer Tse, Natalie Kwan

2- Sephora and Strategy, Gloria, Madeline.

3- AMD-Intel antitrust battle, Prashant, Helen, Ted,Paul, Georgia, and Jimmy

4- Starbucks in ASUC? , Project, Paul Tuan,Lawrence Keung,Cathine Lam,Lanna Zhou,Ho Sum Wong,Kento Matayoshi,Tiffany Cheung,Tommy Zhou,Kathy Nguyen,Vincent Luo

5- Alcoa Price Dsicrimination and Vertical Integration Argentina, Ethan, Samantha, Yeohyun.

6- Utah Pie Samira.

7- Microsoft Project , Tim, Jayoung, Insung.

8 - Grade Cards in La , Dmitri, Anna, Michael and Sofia.

9 - DeBeers' Diamond Cartel, Kevin Kailath, Nhung Tran, Patrick Golden, Luke Madera, and Tony Pezzati.

10 - Yahoo Microsoft: A Horizontal Romance, or a Broken Relationship , Ryan, Cristy, Alexis, Joe.

11 - The SouthWest Effect , Alex Ang, Carmen Wong, Jessica Moran, Luciana Cook and Marisol Gonzalez

12 - Used Books , Yi-Ling and Tzu-Chen.

13 - Tata Motors , Kinndy, Grace, Jeannie, Kelley.

14 - World of Warcraft , Zhitao (Robert) Zhao

15 - Nafta , Ivette Ale

16 - Wii and PS3, Mayumi Sampei Beom Seok Chang Fukumi Watanabe Ashley Kim Elisa Yoshigoe Yoon Young Joo

17 - Breaking the Cartel ,Tamie Tran, Jason Shen, Michael Mejia, Ashley. Will Cole, Jennifer Ly .

18 - Format Wars, Blake

19 - Costco, Eric, Marcus

20 - International versions of textbooks, Xiang Min Li

21 - Standard Oil, Adam Walukiewicz.

22- E Waste, Script of Interview , Ahmed and Tanveer.

23 - Levis, Young Lee James Moon and Mike Lin

24 - Ye Olde Prostitution- Market Behavior in the Industry , Colin and Blake.

25 - Automobile Industry, Kim

26 - Advertising Commodities , Maria Long

Spring 2007

1- Utah Pie Case , Katherine Perdiguerra and Jessica Lee.

2-Alcoa Case , Sarah Zambrano & Gabrielle Roussos.

3- Olevia, Market Entry, An analysis of firm entry into the HDTV market, Laura Safdie and Eugenia Bazigos.

4- Southwest Airlines: The Freedom to Fly, Jaelyn Acap, Zechariah Feng, Manpreet Mattu.

5- Concentration in the Banking Industry, Good or Bad?, , Barruch Ben-Zekry.

6- Effects of Consumer Tastes in Markets with Network Externalities: An Empirical Study of the Competition between IBM PCs and the Apple Macintosh, Jenny Wong.

7- The Walmart Effect, Edwin Pahk.

8- Future Cola in China Case , Sharon Chan and JingYan Liu.

9- USDOJ vs Oracle Case , Henry Arayasirikul.

10- Zaibatsu in Japan , Kyoko Fujita and Geoff Danker .

11- GameStop and Pre-Owned Software: An Analysis of the Used Video Game Market , Anthony Rogers and Matt Stuckey.

12-The Value of Vanity , Robin Rothfeder.

13- Generic Advertising , Lilian Zhang and Tony Yu

14- Monopolization of the NFL Network NFL , Maryam Pessaran and Dana Andersen.

15 - Skype Hype , Arun Ramamurthi.

16 - Fuel for Thought , Kyle Hubbard

17 - Piracy in China , Tong Wu

18 - Biofuel and Agriculture: a look at spillover effects , Hilary Carson

19 - NCAA - Cartel? , Jonas

20 - Fair Trade , Eric, Desirae, Miriam, Jack.

21 - Milk Marketing Orders , Elizabeth, Stephen, Yodit.

22 - Walmart in Asia ,Shounak and Evan .

23 - Organic Produce ,Yunyi .

24 - XM and Sirius Merger? ,Kenny .

25 - Air Quality Effect on Housing Market ,Fatima, Minhaaj, Kimberly .

26 - Orange Forecast ,Taylor, Sako, Ika .

27 - Coke and the EU ,Carolyn, and Andrew .

28 - The California Raisins ,Stephanie, Yvonne, William .

Spring 2006

1- More Ways to Price Discriminate: Alcoa, Vertical Integration, and Intertemporal Pricing , Tatyana Deryugina

2- Utah Pie vs. Continental Baking , Abigail Hernandez

3- Competition for Google AdWords , A.P.

4- The Role of NGO , J. H.

5- Walmart Banking , Jae, Grant, Sung, Jih-Yi.

6- Mercury Advisories and Fish Consumption , Patricia Javier, Hobab Lin and Rachel Smith.

7 - De Beers - Rulers of the Diamond Industry , William Yu.

8- Netflix , Shoichi Tamura, Vivvek Desai.

9- Southwest Airlines: Capturing Surplus, Han Yi Kim.

10- Economics of Information , Steven Ball.

Spring 2005

1- Alcoa and Vertical Integration Kyle Emerick

2- Gas Prices in CA: A Closer LookMichael Colvin

3- The international diamond Cartel , Ivona Vogelsang

4- Achieving Equitable Sustainability ,Claire Wineman

5- Forest Certification , Jessica Shipley

6 - Solar home Bill SB1 , Emily Giles

7 - Gasoline and Price control , Janet Ng

8 - The Economics of Biomass , Tu-Uyen Do

9 - BART , Winnie Kam

10- Toyota and the environment , Miguel Ignacio, Tatsunori Enoeda, Ei Pa Pa

11 - United Sates vs. Dentsply Inc. , Andrew Suh

12 - California Energy Crisis , Ian Tsan

13 - Gap , Don Chelemedos

14 - The Eoonomics of the NBA , Adam Berke

15 - Is downloading music wrong? , Jason Kim

16 - Biodiesel , Ankit Vyas

Spring 2004

1- Slotting Allowances Anjali, So Ra, Anna, Jack

2- Wilk vs. the American Medical AssociationLindsey Adams

3-Market Power in the Academic Publishing Industry Jeff Malawy

4-Third-Degree Price Discrimination practices in ski resorts Jamie, Christopher, Rosetta

5- On the Method of Empirical Research in Economics: One appl ication to daylight saving Brian Gross

6- Making Cool Easy but at what cost? John Petrilla

7- 1985 Supreme Court Case: Aspen Skiing Co. vs Aspen Highlands Skiing Corp", Arash Etemad

8- The Motion Picture Patents Company vs The Independent Outlaws" Armando Franco.

9- "Economic Iniciatives: Hydrogen Fuel Cells vs. fossil fuels", Project File , Powerpoint Presentation file, Milos Ribic .

Spring 2003

1- Grocery Store Pricing - Collusion or Competition. Small Store Strategies. Karyn Massey, David Yu.

2- The rise in demand for organic and natural foods: Case of Meat. Analyze why there is increasing demand for these products. Discuss the market power of firms currently in this industry, both producers and retail stores and the effects on price levels, product differentiation and consumer demand. Andrew (spikeman)

3-Topic: Microsoft on Price discrimination. I am going to focus on the Predatory Pricing part of Price discrimination. Description: There has been much controversy about whether Microsoft is a monopoly. If it is a monopoly, is it good for the consumers and the public? I will go in detail regarding the pros and cons. In all this, I will talk about what a monopoly is and where Microsoft stands as a natural monopoly and review what we have covered in class about monopolies. Then I will talk about the Predatory pricing part of price discrimination and how it ties with Microsoft. Using graphs and charts, I will prove that Microsoft indeed is a monopoly and how the public loses while Microsoft profits. Conclusion: Microsoft is a monopoly using predatory pricing. It hurts everyone and Microsoft is better off. William Ma.

4- Causes and Effects of Market Power in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Id like to research market power in the pharmaceutical industry. Look at the C4 and HHI values to get an interpretation of how the market is shared among the big companies. Investigate the possible causes and effects of market shares in this industry. Some causes that I want to look into are patents, research and development investments, restrictions to entry, and government regulation. I also want to look into how the market power affects firm strategies in pricing, advertising, and other strategic behavior. Monika Proctor.

Additional Topics

5-Marketing orders : the case of Dairy

6-Quotas, Auctions for the right to use a common property resource

7-Environment Regulation as barriers to entry

8-New Editions and Market Power in Textbooks for College


CALPIRG s recent report, Ripoff 101: How the Current Practices of the Publishing Industry Drive up the Cost of College Textbooks , documents the skyrocketing cost of college textbooks, and reveals how publishers use a number of gimmicks to unfairly drive up the cost of textbooks. The report was widely covered in the media, including:

The San Francisco Chronicle Link SFChronicle here ;

The LA Times Link LA times here.