Jeremy Magruder's Research

Working Papers:

Split Sample Strategies for Avoiding False Discoveries   (with Michael Anderson)

Can Network Theory-based Targeting Increase Technology Adoption? (with Lori Beaman, Ariel BenYishay, and A. Mushfiq Mobarak) Revision Requested, Journal of Political Economy

Published and Accepted Papers:

Labor Market Changes in Response to Immigration: Evidence from Internal Migration Driven by Weather Shocks  
(with Marieke Kleemans) (2018) the Economic Journal vol 128(613) pp 2032-65.

Do Job Networks Disadvantage Women? Evidence from a Recruitment Experiment in Malawi (with Lori Beaman and Niall Keleher) (2018) Journal of Labor Economics, vol 36(1) pp 121-57.

An Assessment of Experimental Evidence on Agricultural Technology Adoption in Developing Countries (2018). Annual Review of Resource Economics, forthcoming

Minding Small Change: Limited Attention Among Small Firms in Kenya (with Lori Beaman and Jonathan Robinson) (2014) Journal of Development Economics, vol 108 pp 69-86

                Changeout Survey Instrument

Can Minimum Wages Cause a Big Push? Evidence from Indonesia  (2013).  Journal of Development Economics,  vol 100(1) pp 48-62

Minimum Wages Big Push Appendix
Who gets the Job Referral? Evidence from a Social Networks Experiment (with Lori Beaman) (2012). The American Economic Review, vol 102(7) pp 3574-93.

Kolkata Networks Appendix

Learning from the Crowd: Regression Discontinuity Estimates of the Effects of an Online Review Database (with Michael Anderson) (2012), The Economic Journal, vol 122(563) pp 957-89           

High Unemployment Yet Few Small Firms: The Role of Centralized Bargaining in South Africa (2012). AEJ: Applied Economics,  vol 4(3) pp 138-66.

Centralized Bargaining Model Appendix

Marital Shopping and Epidemic AIDS (2011).  Demography, vol 48(4) pp. 1401-1428.

Marital Shopping Web Appendix

Intergenerational Networks, Unemployment, and Persistent Inequality in South Africa (2010).  AEJ: Applied Economics, vol 2(1) pp 62-85.

Web Appendix: Intergenerational Networks

“Exploring Attrition Bias: The Case of the Khayelitsha Panel Study (2000- 2004)” (with Nicoli Nattrass) (2006). The South African Journal of Economics, vol 74(4) pp. 769-781.