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U California, Berkeley - Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, 232 Giannini Hall, CA 94720-3310

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    • "Measuring Consumer Responses to a Bottled Water Tax Policy.", Berck, P., J. Moe-Lange, A. Stevens, and S. B. Villas-Boas, 2016, Working Paper Link, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98 (4): 981-996; Link . LSE Blog .


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  • Chicago Booth Review on Generic Purchases Paper.

  • Water Tax Blog LSE


    • "Incentivizing Pro-social Behavior in Governance: The Effects of Revealing Peer Rankings on Voluntary Service." Sofia B. Villas-Boas, E. Deakin, B. Taylor, 2016, Link to Working Paper .

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    The Sideways Effects of Wine, joint with Frederico Finan.

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    Identification of Pass-Through, joint with Rebecca Hellerstein.

    Cross-Category Effects, Multimarket Contact and Strategic Pricing

    Environmental Regulation and Arbitrage in Wholesale Gasoline, joint with Justine Hastings.

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