Subrata Kumar Ritadhi
Job Market Paper:
Identity Politics, Targeted Redistribution and Private Investments: Evidence from India's Silent Revolution (with Abhay Aneja)
Fields of research:
  • Primary: Development Economics, Political Economy
  • Secondary: Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Publications / Working Papers:
  • Aneja, A. & S.K. Ritadhi. "Identity Politics, Targeted Redistribution and Private Investment: Evidence from India's Silent Revolution." Working Paper [Job Market Paper]

  • Aneja, A. & S. K. Ritadhi. "Minority Political Parties and Minority Criminal Victimization: Evidence from India." Working Paper (available upon request)

  • de Janvry, A., M. Gautam, S. K. Ritadhi and E. Sadoulet. "Agricultural Growth and Rural Non-Farm Employment: Evidence from India, 1987-2011" Working Paper (available upon request)

  • Ritadhi, S. K. "Political Favouritism and Public Good Provision: Evidence from Indian States." Work in Progress

  • Dar, M. H., A. M. Ismail, S. K. Ritadhi, M. Sharma. A. N. Singh, U. S. Singh, and N. W. Zaidi. "Flood Tolerant Rice in Coastal Odisha: Impacts on Crop Choice, Yields and Household Income." Working Paper. 

  • Maag, E., C.E. Steuerle, R. Chakravarti and C. Quakenbush (2012). "How Marginal Tax Rates Affect Families at Various Levels of Poverty." National Tax Journal, 65(4): 759-782

  • Ph.D., Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of California - Berkeley; expected, May 2017
  • M.S., Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of California - Berkeley; 2013
  • B.A., Economics (Honours), Grinnell College, Iowa; 2009
Honors and Awards:
  • Berkeley Fellowship for Graduate Study; University of California - Berkeley (2012-2017)

  • Best Undergraduate Research Paper; Department of Economics, Grinnell College (2009)

  • Phi Beta Kappa (2009)

  • International Economic Development Policy: Theory, Methods and Case Studies -- Alain de Janvry -- Graduate Student Instructor -- UC Berkeley -- Fall 2015 & Fall 2016
  • Alain de Janvry
    Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley 
    Phone: (510)-642-3348


  • Aprajit Mahajan
    Associate Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
    Phone: (510)-664-7163

  • Ernesto Dal Bo
    Phillips Girgich Professor of Business
    Haas Business and Public Policy Group, UC Berkeley
    Phone: 510-643-1606 

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Agricultural & Resource Economics University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Email: Phone: (510)-326-4545

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Subrata Kumar Ritadhi