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Selected Publications:

"Explaining Europe's Resistance to Agricultural Biotechnology," (with Gregory Graff), Agricultural and Resource Economics Update, Vol. 7, No. 5, May/June 2004, pp. 1-4.

"Access to Intellectual Property is a Major Obstacle to Developing Transgenic Horticultural Crops
," (with Gregory D. Graff, Brian D. Wright, and Alan Bennett), California Agriculture, Vol. 58, No. 2, (2004), pp. 120-126.

"The Public-Private Structure of Intellectual Property Ownership in Agricultural Biotechnology," (with Gregory Graff, Susan Cullen, Kent Bradford and Alan Bennett," Nature Biotechnology, Vol. 21, Issue 9, (September, 2003), pp. 989-995).

Yield Effects of Genetically Modified Crops in Developing Countries,” (with Matin Qaim), Science, Vol. 299, (February 7, 2003), pp. 900-902.

Optimal Environmental Health Regulations with Heterogeneous Populations: Treatment versus ‘Tagging’,” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 43, No. 3, (May, 2002), pp. 455-476.

"The Agricultural Innovation Process: Research and Technology Adoption in a Changing Agricultural Industry," (with David Sunding), Handbook of Agricultural and Resource Economics, ed. Bruce Gardner and Gordon C. Rausser, Amsterdam: Elsevier Science, 2001, pp. 207-261.

Forthcoming Publications:

"Conservation Capital and Sustainable Economic Growth," (with Donna Theresa J. Ramirez and Madhu Khanna), Forthcoming in Oxford Economic Papers.

"The Economics of Water, Irrigation, and Development," (with Karina Schoengold), Forthcoming in Handbook of Agricultural Economics: Volume 3, ed. Robert Evenson, Elsevier Publishing Company

"Risk Aversion, Liability Rules, and Safety," (with Joshua Graff Zivin and Richard E. Just), Forthcoming in International Review of Law and Economics

Working Papers:

"The Welfare Economcs of a Money-back Guarantee in Retailing," (with Yanhong Jin), 2004

Conference Presentations:

"On The Theory and Practice of Environmental Economics," presented at Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Symposium, Ames, Iowa, September 7-18, 2000.

"Agricultural Biotechnology: Economic and International Implications," (with Cherisa Yarkin and Amir Heiman), presented at the International Agricultural Economics Association meeting, Sacramento, California, August, 1997.

Powerpoint Presentations:

Biotechnology for Development

Climate Change

Environmental Services

Innovation and Adoption





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