EEP 142 - Industrial Organization with Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources

Spring Semester, Sofia Villas-Boas

Past Students Impression of the Course

" I wanted to thank you for holding such a wonderful class and to tell you that it was a pleasure taking 142 with you! I have recommended your class to all my friends that are interested in Industrial Organization and hope to see you in the upcoming future. "

"Once again, thank you for such a wonderful semester and for teaching this class. While completing the final, I realized just how much I have learned from this class especially your coverage of topics like asymmetric information and advertising as I think they will help with my internship this summer. Have a wonderful rest of the semester! "

"I am really grad that you liked our presentation. Thank you very much for lecturing this semester. I really liked it. Also, I forgot to tell that I decided to go to Columbia University graduate school next year. Thank you very much again, and see you soon. "

Spring 2004

"Hi Sofia, I just wanted to say I had a lot of fun in your class. I liked looking at econ with an I.O. perspective. It reminded me of why I like econ and EEP. I'll always look at firms and think about their strategies and collusion and Cournot/Stackelberg/Nash equilibriums. I guess that's what economists do tho :) And of course the tipping point of innovation diffusion - I had fun with that project if you couldn't tell. Have a great summer and thanks! email, May 2004".

Dear Sofia, Attached you will find my project together with its cover page and presentation form. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot from you examples in lectures. I truly believe it will help in the future. Gratefully,

Hey Sofia, hoping you are doing well. Just wanted to email you my project file. I had a very fun experience doing the research and preparing for this project. I hope this showed in my presentation. I attached my Power Point file to this email. Thanks for eveything,

Dear Professor, Here are the Powerpoint slides for my presentation. Thanks for an enjoyable semester. I found the class very interesting, especially since it incorporated so many different economic concepts into the common theme of industrial organization. I recommend in the future that you switch over to using Powerpoint rather than the overhead. It's much more convenient because you can always edit the slides and it's easier for students to read. Thanks again, and maybe we'll meet again in the future when I'm a graduate student. Kind Regards,

Spring 2005

I also wanted to thank you for a FANTASTIC semester. This was the class at the start of the semester I was the most unsure about, and it ended up being one of my favorites ever at Berkeley. So thank you so much!

Spring 2006

Hi, I just wanted to say that I had a great time being in your class this semester. It was one of the funnest classes to go to. Sorry if I was to quiet. Also, I am a huge soccer fan. I cant wait for the World Cup in June to see MEXICO play. They are in the same group as PORTUGAL so that is going to be fun to watch. Are you planning to watch the games? Maybe PORTUGAL can make it past the first group round this time haha just kidding...i bet they will becuase now they have Cristiano Ronaldo playing for the National Team. I attached a picture as a joke, dont get upset haha. Thanks again...

I would like to say that it has been a very enjoyable experience taking your class this semester and I hope to take another class of yours in the future.

Thank you so much for your energy and positivity this semester. Good luck in the future!

The class was awesome!! Have a nice summer!!

Thanks for a great semester, and hopefully i'll see you at graduation!

Sofia, I want to thank you for facilitating such a painless (actually, enjoyable!) introduction to IO. A few family members who studied economics warned me over the Christmas holiday that Industrial Organization would be hell, but having had worked with you and the subject material a bit last fall, I didn't really think it would be that bad! And it wasn't! I can genuinely see how its concepts will greatly enrich my ongoing academic and professional pursuits - it's already contributing to my current research projects! So, thanks again. I wish you all the best,

Spring 2007

Hi Sofia Here are pictures I took from the commencement. I was so happy that I took your class this semester. I will surely visit your student in Columbia University. And, are you around in the campus this summer? My parents brought something from Japan for you, so I want to bring to you. Thank you again, and have a great summer. See you soon.

Thank you so much for your flexability on this issue. My final is attached. Have a good summer, it's been wonderful having you as a Professor. Thanks again. Always, Carolyn

Dear Professor, I really enjoyed EEP142 and I had a good time doing the group project. Thank you for an amazing semester! Have a great summer!