ARE 298 - Thesis Workshop

Fall Semester, Jeffrey Perloff and Sofia Villas-Boas

One or one and a half hours of student seminar presentation per week.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructors.

All ARE graduate students are welcome. Weekly workshops are held in which graduate students present their work in progress. Students can present early and preliminary work, as well as more advanced paper. The purpose of this seminar is to help students that prepare for their oral examination formulate their problem and research agenda, and to give constructive criticisms to students further advanced in their research. Members of the workshop are required to attend all meetings and read all papers.

For students on the job-market, this seminar does not substitute for presenting the job-market paper in the Departmental Seminar on Fridays. Students "are required" to present their job-market paper there.

Meetings to be organized.

More details on the "suggested" use of your time slot will be given at the first meeting.


Suggested Questions when Reading a Paper

Note that we start sharp not at "Berkeley 10 mins after time...", Thanks!

Last updated: Fall 2009
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