Workbook: PIT0304.xls


Notes / Method:


·        The three most right hand sheets are the raw data from the 2000 CA tax records.

·        The sheet ‘Tax tables’ show the federal and CA personal income tax tables for 2003.

·        The sheet ‘PIT relevant data’ extracts necessary data from the sheet ‘2000 columns’.  It also assigns household categories to the income groups, and calculates the FICA liability for each income group using the tax tables.

·        The sheet ‘Raw from g0304’ contains copied and pasted data from the tax take sections of the ‘g0304.xls’ workbook.

·        The sheet ‘Calcs’ is the primary workhorse.  The top rows in white calculate tax data for the HH income groups as used in the SAM.  Personal property tax, CA PIT, and Fed PIT are calculated by aggregating the proper income groups from the ‘PIT relevant data’ worksheet.  The remaining personal local and state taxes are calculated by allocating the total tax take for each tax among income groups on the basis of Federal AGI (adjusted gross income).  Social security tax is allocated on the basis of social security wages in each income group, which take into account the fact that social security tax applies only to the first $80,000 of income.  The green box arranges the data into a format that easily fits into the SAM, and adjusts the property tax and PIT data so that the totals match known values for 2003.