Leo Simon

Adjunct Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of California, Berkeley
Leo Simon picture
Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics
207 Giannini Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-3310
510.642 8230 (office) 510.643.8911 (fax)



My research interests range from theoretical game theory to simulation modeling to to applied political economy. One recent theoretical paper introduced a new class of incomplete information games, called aggregation games, designed for modeling situations in which a group of agents must take a collective decision based on the aggregate of group members' private information. Another recent paper, combining simulation modeling with theory, developed an algorithm which locates a pure-strategy equilibrium for the classic two-player, two-stage Hotelling price-quantity game.

My recent work in political economy applies a game-theoretic model of multi-issue, multi-player negotiations developed in collaboration with Gordon Rausser. We have recently completed a study of water resource allocation across subbasins of the Adour Basin of Southern France. One current application studies the current negotiations over the Water Transfer Agreement between IID and SDCWA in Southern California. Another compares the political economics of agri-environmental policy formation in Europe and the US, and the role played by the WTO in these two regions.

For more information, please view my recent working papers and my Curriculum Vitae.


Selection of Published Papers

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" Including Non Trade Concerns: the Environment in EU and US agricultural policy ", (with Kathy Baylis and Gordon Rausser), International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 4 (3/4), 2005

" Agri-environmental Programs and the future of the WTO ", (with Kathy Baylis and Gordon Rausser), in G. Anania, M. E. Bohman, C. A. Carter and A. F. McCalla (eds), "Agricultural policy reform and the WTO: where are we heading?", Cheltenham, U.K., Edward Elgar, 2004

" Communication and Equilibrium in Discontinuous Games of Incomplete Information ", (with Matt Jackson, Jeroen Swinkels and William R. Zame), Econometrica, 70 (2002), 1711-1740

" Regulating Multiple Polluters: Deterrence and Liability Allocation ", (with Charles Hyde and Gordon Rausser), International Economic Review, 41 (2000), 495 - 521

" Privatization, Market Liberalization and Learning in Transition Economies ", (with Rachael Goodhue and Gordon Rausser), AJAE, 80 (1998), 724-737

" Modelling Multilateral Negotiations: An Application to California Water Policy ", (with Gregory Adams and Gordon Rausser), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 30 (1996), 97-111

" Equilibrium Refinements for Infinite Normal-Form Games ", (with Max Stinchcombe), Econometrica, 63 (1995), 1421-1443

" Discontinuous Games and Endogenous Sharing Rules ", (with William Zame), Econometrica 58 (1990), 861-872

" Extensive Form Games in Continuous Time: Pure Strategies ", (with Max Stinchcombe), Econometrica, 57 (1989), 1171-1214

Selection of Working Papers

Click on title names for working papers as PDF files,

" A Noncooperative Model of Collective Decision Making: A Multilateral Bargaining Approach" " (with Gordon Rausser), 1992

      (This is a very large file---22 megs---and will take a while to load)

" Location Games when Consumers have Heterogeneous Tastes and Incomes " (with Gordon Rausser and Ross Wildes), 2003

" Structure and Power in Multilateral Negotiations: An Application to French Water Policy " (with Rachael Goodhue, Gordon Rausser, Sophie Thoyer, Sylvie Morardet and Patrick Rio), 2003

" Rational Exaggeration in Information Aggregation Games " (with Gordon C. Rausser and Jinhua Zhao), 2003

" Adverse Selection with Multiple Inputs: Mitigating Information Rents through Input Control " (with Rachael Goodhue), 2003

" Basic Timing Games ", 1987

" A Multistage Duel in Continuous Time ", 1987