Advanced topics in Development Economics (EEP 152)

This course will focus on the microeconomics of development. That is, we will discuss at length several issues in household and individual decision‐making which are relevant to poor countries, but will not often explicitly consider the mechanisms through which these decisions lead to (or hinder) economic growth. Specific topics to be considered include fertility, migration decisions, agricultural contracts, risk, formal and informal labor market institutions, property rights, and credit; investments in education and health; intra‐household decision‐making and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Probability and Statistics (ARE 210)

This course will cover an introduction to probability theory and mathematical statistics.  It is designed for the Ph.D. sequence in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley; as such, the specific subject matter has been chosen to be complementary to the following econometrics sequence.  The goal of this course is to develop a statistical vocabulary and intuition so as to facilitate econometric analysis.