Journal Articles, Book Chapters, and Working Papers, 2003-2008

Books and Chapters (Peer Reviewed)

Judge, G., R.C. Mittelhammer, and D. Miller, "Estimating the Link Function in Multinomial Response Models under Endogeneity," in Festschrift for Stanley Johnson, California University Press, 2006.

Mittelhammer, R., G. Judge, and R. Schoenberg, "Empirical Evidence Concerning the Finite Sample Performance of EL-Type Structural Equation Estimation and Inference Methods," in Festschrift for Thomas Rothenberg, Cambridge University Press, p. 282-305, 2005.

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Judge, G., D. Miller, and W. Cho, "An Information Theoretic Approach to Ecological Estimation and Inference," in Ecological Inference, edited by G. King, Cambridge University Press, pp. 162-187, 2004.

Journal Articles and Peer Reviewed Articles (Refereed)

Judge G. and R.C. Mittelhammer, "Estimation and Inference in the Case of Competing Sets of Estimating Equations," Journal of Econometrics, 138:513-531, 2007.

Cho, W. and G. Judge, "Information Theoretic Solutions for Correlated Bivariate Processes" Economic Letters, 97:201-207, 2007.

Judge, G., L. Schechter, and M. Grendar, "An Information Theoretic Family of Data Based Benford-Like Distributions," Physica A, 97:201-207, 2007.

Judge, G. "Shrinkage-Based Estimation in Economics," Palgrave Economics Dictionary, 2006.

Mittelhammer, R.C. and G. Judge, "Combining Estimators to Improve Structural Model Estimation under Quadratic Loss," Journal of Econometrics, 128:1-30, 2005.

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Mittelhammer, R. and G. Judge. "Some Empirical Evidence on EL-Weighted Combinations of Structural Equation Estimators," Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 35: 91-101, 2003.

Publications in Press

Cho, W. and G. Judge, "Recovering Voter Choice from Partial Incomplete Data," under review by the Journal of Applied Statistics, 380:429-438, 2007.

Grendar, M. and G. Judge, "Large Deviations Theory and Estimator Choice," Econometric Reviews, 2007.

Judge, G. and L. Schechter, "Detecting Problems in Survey Data Using BenFords Law," Journal of Human Resources, 2007.

Publications in Progress or Currently Under Review

Mittelhammer, R.C., G. Judge, D. Miller, and S. Cartell, "Minimum Divergence Moment Based Binary Response Models: Estimation and Inference" Preprint, UC Berkeley, 2007.

Mittelhammer, R.C. and G. Judge, "Robust Moment Based Estimation and Inference: The Generalized Cressie-Read Estimation," 2007.

Grendar, M. and G. Judge, "Large Deviation Theory and Empirical Estimator Choice," Preprint, UC Berkeley, 2007.

Grendar, M. and G. Judge, "A Bayesian Probabilities Interpretation and Justification of Empirical Likelihood," 2007.

Mittelhammer, R.C. and G. Judge, "A Minimum Power Divergence Class of PDFs and Estimators for the Binary Choice Model," 2007.

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