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Anthony C. Fisher

Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics

207 Giannini Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-3310

Current Research Interests

Anthony Fisher's current research projects focus on various aspects of the economics of global climate change. Decisions on control of greenhouse gas emissions need to be made today, under uncertainty about potential future damages from warming, and subject to rigidities or irreversibilities in both natural and economic systems. One set of studies looks at the implications of relevant uncertainties and irreversibilities for the timing of climate policy, i.e., how soon and how stringently should we cut back on emissions of greenhouse gases? Further, what general principles for environmental and other decisions under uncertainty emerge from this application to climate policy?

Some sectors of the economy (and also of course natural systems) are potentially at greater risk than others. A prime example is agriculture, since climate variables such as temperature and precipitation are direct inputs to production. Another set of studies focuses on the empirical estimation of potential damages, especially to the vulnerable agriculture sector. An important distinction here is between regions that are primarily dependent on irrigation and regions that are not. In the former, the link between precipitation and productivity is complex and involves the operation of ground and surface water systems. One empirical study focuses on rainfed, or dryland agriculture in the U.S. Another focuses on California as an important example of a region of irrigated agriculture.

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