Pierre Biscaye
Job Market Paper:
Agricultural Shocks and Conflict in the Short- and Long-Term: Evidence from Desert Locust Swarms
Essays in Development and Labor Economics
Fields of research:
  • Development Economics
  • Environment and Resource Economics
  • Labor Economics
Publications / Working Papers:
  • University of Washington, Master of Public Administration 2014
  • Whitworth University, BA in International Studies 2011
  • Ethan Ligon
    Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
    Email: ligon@berkeley.edu
    Phone: (510)-859-3266

    Edward Miguel
    Professor, Economics, UC Berkeley
    Email: emiguel@berkeley.edu
    Phone: (510)-642-7162

    C. Leigh Anderson
    Professor, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington
    Email: cla@uw.edu
    Phone: (206)-543-0365

    Maximilian Auffhammer
    Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
    Email: auffhammer@berkeley.edu
    Phone: 510-643-5472

Contact Information:

Agricultural & Resource Economics University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Email: pbiscaye@berkeley.edu 

Placement Directors:

Professor Maximilian Auffhammer
Tel: 510-643-5472

Professor Sofia Villas-Boas

Placement Officer:

Diana Lazo
Tel: 510-642-3345

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Pierre Biscaye

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