W. Michael Hanemann

Chancellor's Professor
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
University of California
207 Giannini Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3310
(510) 642-3345 (msg phone)
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California Climate Change Center at UC Berkeley
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Research Interests

Dr. Hanemann’s research interests include non-market valuation, environmental economics and policy, water pricing and management, demand modeling for market research and policy design, the economics of irreversibility and adaptive management, and welfare economics.  His work has appeared in AER, Econometrica, JEEM, AJAE, and elsewhere.



Albiac, J., Michael Hanemann, Javier Calatrava, and Javier Uche. "The Rise and Fall of The Ebro Water Transfer," Forthcoming , Natural Resources Journal.

Hanemann, W.H. (2006) The economic conception of water,  In: Water Crisis: myth or reality? Eds. P.P. Rogers, M.R. Llamas, L. Martinez-Cortina, Taylor & Francis plc., London (www.tandf.co.uk or e-bookstore: www.eBookstore.tandf.co.uk).

Olmstead, S.M., W. Michael Hanemann, and Robert N. Stavins, “Do Consumers React to the Shape of the Supply?  Water Demand under Heterogeneous Price Structures,” under review American Economic Review.

Hoffmann, S. A. and W. Michael Hanemann, "Torts and the Protection of "Legally Recognized Interests," under review Journal of Law and Economics

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International Economic Review.

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Hanemann, W.H.  2004.  "Consumer Demand with Several Linear Constriants:  A Global Analysis,"  To appear in the forthcoming book, Contributions in Environmental Economics in Honour of Karl-Gustaf Lofgren, Thomas Aronson and Runar Brannlund (eds.)

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2004.   "Emissions Pathways, Climate Change, and Impacts on California,"  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) August  2004; 101 (34).

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arketing Letters 13(3): 195-205.

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Chapman, D.J. and W. Michael Hanemann
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2000.  "Adaptation and its Measurement,"  Climate Change 45:571-581.

Wegge,T., W. Michael Hanemann, and John Loomis.
1996.  "Comparing Benefits and Costs of Water Resource Allocation  Policies for California's Mono Basin,"  in Advances In The Economics of Enviornmental Resources, (ed.) Darwin C. Hill, Volume 1, 1996, Marginal Costs Rate Desgin and Wholesale Water Markets.

Working Papers

 The Central Arizona Project.
W. Michael Hanemann.

 Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Giannini Foundation Library -Working Paper No. 937, October 2002.

Muffled Price Signals:  Household Water Demands Under Increasing-Block Prices.  
Cavanaugh, Sheila M., W. Michael Hanemann and R.N. Stavins.
Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei -Working Paper 40, February 2002.

The Statistical Analysis of Discrete-Response CV Data.
W. Michael Hanemann and Barbara Kanninen.
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economicss, Giannini Foundation Library-Working Paper No. 798, December 1998.

Economic Analysis in Policy Evaluation, Damage, Assessment and Compensation: A Comparison of Approaches.
W. Michael Hanemann and Andrew G. Keeler. 
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Giannini Foundation Library-Working Paper No. 766, May 1996. 

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