Faculty Honors

Honorary Degrees

Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Arnold Zellner, 2006

Laurea Honoris Causa in Development Economics and International Cooperation, University of Parma

Irma Adelman, 2005

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

W. Michael Hanemann, 2003

Filosofie Hedersdoktor, Universitet Umea

Peter Berck, 2002

University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany

Arnold Zellner, 1998

Sociedad Mexicana de Geografia y Estadistica in Mexico City

David Zilberman, 1994

Universidade Tecnia de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Arnold Zellner, 1991

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

Arnold Zellner, 1986

Research Awards

Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA)

Distinguished Extension Program

George Goldman, 1982

Distinguished Policy Contribution

Gordon C. Rausser, 1993

Outstanding Extension Agricultural Economics Website

Howard Rosenberg, 2005

Outstanding Journal Article

David Sunding, 2001
Gordon C. Rausser, 1982

Outstanding Journal Article, Honorable Mention

Alain de Janvry, 2001
Elisabeth Sadoulet, 2001
Jeffrey LaFrance, 1996
Gordon C. Rausser, 1978, 1992, 1999

Outstanding Master's Thesis

Quoc Luong, 2005
Jeffrey LaFrance, 1984

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation (former A.R.E. students)

Meredith Fowlie (Advisors: Jeffrey Perloff and Severin Borenstein), 2007
Michael J. Roberts (Advisor: Peter Berck), 2001
Marcel Fafchamps (Advisor: Alain de Janvry), 1990
Edward Taylor (Advisor: Irma Adelman), 1985
Robert D. Innes (Advisor: Gordon C. Rausser), 1987
Jeffrey LaFrance (Advisor: David Zilberman), 1984
John W. Freebairn (Advisor: Gordon C. Rausser), 1973

Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation, Honorable Mention

Renos N. Vakis (Advisors: Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet), 2003
Douglas D. Parker (Advisor: David Zilberman), 1991

Outstanding Review of Agricultural Economics Article

David Zilberman, 2007

Publication of Enduring Quality

Michael Hanemann, 2009
David Zilberman, 2005
Gordon C. Rausser, 1993

Quality of Communication

David Zilberman, 2007

Quality of Research Discovery

Alain de Janvry, 1979
W. Michael Hanemann, 1990
Jeffrey LaFrance, 1990
Gordon C. Rausser, 1976, 1987, 2001
Brian Wright, 1992
David Zilberman, 2002

Quality of Research Discovery, Honorable Mention

David Zilberman, 1984, 1991
Gordon C. Rausser, 1980

Frederick V. Waugh Memorial Medal and Lecture

Brian D. Wright (presented at the 1993 Annual Meeting of the AAEA)

Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (AERE)

Publication of Enduring Quality

W. Michael Hanemann, 1999
Anthony C. Fisher, 1995

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE)

European Lifetime Achievement Award in Environmental Economics

W. Michael Hanemann, 2008

Western Agricultural Economics Association (WAEA)

Distinguished Scholar

Jeffrey LaFrance, 2006

Outstanding Journal Article

W. Michael Hanemann, 1990

Outstanding Published Research

Jeffrey LaFrance, 1990, 1993, 2005
Gordon C. Rausser, 1978, 1994
David Zilberman, 1984

Outstanding M.S. Thesis

Jeffrey LaFrance, 1980

Other Research Awards

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

Edward Miguel, 2005-2007

Canadian Economics Association's Harry Johnson Award for Best Journal Article

Larry S. Karp, 1992

Competition and Policy Center Thesis Award, UC Berkeley

Sofia Villas-Boas

Crop Science Society of America's Outstanding Paper on Plant Genetic Resources

Brian D. Wright, 2001

Doctoral Dissertation Award for Best Thesis, University of California, Davis

Gordon C. Rausser, 1971

International Health Economics Association, Kenneth J. Arrow Award for Best Paper in Health Economics

Edward Miguel, 2005

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Fellow

Edward Miguel, 2005-2006

International Organization for Vines and Wines Distinguished Economic Publication Award for the Book, Successful Wine Marketing

Kirby Moulton, 2002

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Award for Research Excellence in Wildlands

J. Keith Gilless, 1992

Resources for the Future's Prize for Best Ph.D. Dissertation in Natural Resource Economics

Michael Hanemann, 1989

Young Economist Award, European Association Research Industrial Economics

Sofia Villas-Boas

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 2006 Cozzarelli Prize

Maximilian Auffhammer

Teaching Awards

University of California, Berkeley

ARE Mentoring Award

Brian Wright, 2005
Max Auffhammer, 2006
George Judge, 2007

Best Graduate Adviser Award, Department of Economics

Edward Miguel, 2004-05

Cheit Award for Best Teacher in Haas Daytime MBA Program

Severin Borenstein, 1997

Department of Environ. Science, Policy, and Mgmt. Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence

J. Keith Gilless, 2006

Distinguished Faculty Mentoring Award

Severin Borenstein, 2005

Distinguished Teaching Award

Maximilian Auffhammer, 2009
Edward Miguel, 2003-04
J. Keith Gilless, 1988

Educational Initiatives Award, UC Berkeley Joint CNR - L&S Environmental Sciences Major, 2003

Brian Wright (Major Co-Director, 1996-2002)
J. Keith Gilless (Major Co-Director, 2002-2003)

Presidential Chair Fellow

Jeffrey M. Perloff, 2003-04

Sarlo Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award

Sofia Villas-Boas, 2007
Maximilian Auffhammer, 2007

Unsung Hero Teaching Award

Jeffrey M. Perloff, 2005

Harvard University

Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award

Gordon C. Rausser, 1978

McKinsey Award for Excellence in Teaching

Arnold Zellner, 1983

Michigan Economic Society

Undergraduate Teaching Award

Severin Borenstein, 1987

Other Awards and Appointments

University of California

Distinguished Emeritus of the Year

George Judge, 2005-2006

Executive Committee, DANR

Gordon C. Rausser, 1998-2000

Berkeley Citation

Irma Adelman, 1996

Board of Directors, DANR, UC Berkeley Representative

Gordon C. Rausser, 1994-1998

Board of Trustees, UC Berkeley

Gordon C. Rausser, 1994-2000

California Climate Change Center at UC Berkeley, Director

W. Michael Hanemann, 2003-present

Berkeley Center for Water Resource Management, Director

David Sunding, 2005.

Chancellor's Professor

W. Michael Hanemann, 1999-present

College of Natural Resources Young Faculty/Cooperative Extension Specialist award, UC Berkeley

Sofia Villas-Boas, 2008
Maximilian Auffhammer, 2007
Alix Zwane, 2005.

College of Natural Resources (CNR) Citation

David Zilberman, 2007
Gordon C. Rausser, 2004

Dean of the College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

J. Keith Gilless, 2008-Present
Gordon C. Rausser, 1994-2000

Environmental Sciences Major, UC Berkeley, Co-Director

J. Keith Gilless, 2002-2005
Brian D. Wright, 1996-2002

Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics

Alain de Janvry, Director, 1987-1989
Anthony C. Fisher, Director (Chair of Executive Committee), 1999-2000; Member of Executive Committee, 2000-2004
Jeffrey M. Perloff, Member of Executive Committee, 2004-present
Gordon C. Rausser, Chairman, Executive Committee, 1982-1984; Board of Directors, 1979-1986
David Zilberman, Director, 2003-present

Robert Gordon Sproul Distinguished Professor, UC Berkeley

Gordon C. Rausser, 1986-present

S.J. Hall Chair in Forest Economics

Peter Berck, 2006-Present
J. Keith Gilless, 1996-2006

UC Berkeley Alumnus of the Week

David Zilberman, January 27, 2003

UC Berkeley Women's Hall of Fame

Irma Adelman, 1994

UC Educational Initiatives Award for Environmental Science Major (Co-Director)

Brian D. Wright, 2003

UC Representative at the Center of Management of Intellectual Property for Health Research (MIHR)

David Zilberman

UC Agricultural Issues Center, Associate Director for Agribusiness

Jerome B. Siebert, 1998-present

American Statistical Association (ASA)

ASA Award (for Founding and Editing the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics)

Arnold Zellner, 1986

ASA Chicago Chapter

John R. Commons Award, named "Outstanding Statistician"

Arnold Zellner, 1981-82

University of Chicago

Designated Distinguished Service Professor

Arnold Zellner, 1984

Western Agricultural Economics Association (WAEA)

Outstanding Extension Program

Howard Rosenberg, 2003
George Goldman, 1982

Outstanding Professional Service

Jeffrey LaFrance, 1994

Agency for International Development

Chief Economist

Gordon C. Rausser, 1988-1990

Superior Unit Citation Award

Gordon C. Rausser, 1990

Agricultural Commissioners of California Association

Honorary Member

Gordon Rowe, 1990

California State Assembly

Commendation for Achievements in Research and Education Affecting California Agriculture

Kirby Moulton, 1996

CDC Investment Management Corporation

Research Award to University of Chicago Graduate School of Business in Honor of Arnold Zellner

Arnold Zellner, 1998

Business and Economics Statistics Section, American Statistical Association, American U. Department of Economics, Edwin T. Jaynes Center, and International Society for Bayesian Analysis

Conference in Honor of Arnold Zellner, American University, Washington, D.C.

Arnold Zellner, September 19-21, 2003

The 2nd Conference on Information and Entropy Econometrics Theory, Method, and Applications

Conference in Honor of George Judge

George Judge, September 23-25, 2005

Council of Economic Advisors

Senior Economist

Gordon C. Rausser, 1986-1987

Farm Foundation

J.R. Hildreth Award for Lifetime Contribution to Public Issues Extension Education

Tim Wallace

International Organization of Vines and Wine

Gold Medal for Professional Contributions

Kirby Moulton, 2000

Government of France

Award of the Merit of Agriculture for Achievements in the World Sector of Wines and Vines

Kirby Moulton, 1996

Institute for Policy Reform, Washington, DC


Gordon C. Rausser, 1990-1994

International Society for Bayesian Analysis

Founder's Award

Arnold Zellner, 1998

Journal of Econometrics

Arnold Zellner Award for Outstanding Paper in Theoretical Econometrics (Established in 2001)

Arnold Zellner

Northern California Institute of Food Technology

Member of the Year Award

Gordon Rowe, 1960

Government of South Korea

Order of Bronze Tower

Irma Adelman, 1971

Public Utility Research Center, University of Florida

Distinguished Service Award

Severin Borenstein, 2005

Sanford Grossman Graduate School of Business

Ph.D. Fellowship Award in Honor of Arnold Zellner

Arnold Zellner, 1999

California State University

Top Dog Outstanding Alumni Award

Gordon Rausser, 2009


International Cannes Prize for Water and the Economy

David Zilberman, 2000

U. S. Bureau of Census

Certificate of Appreciation for Chairing and Service to AEA Census Advisory Committee

Arnold Zellner


Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service

Gordon C. Rausser, 2000

Secretary of Agriculture Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in the Areas of Agricultural Public Policy Research and Formulation

Gordon C. Rausser, 2000

Walnut Marketing Board and California Walnut Commission

Distinguished Service Award

Jerome B. Siebert, 2002