Current Job Market Candidates

On the Market

Geoffrey Barrows Judson Boomhower
Siwei Cao Lilia Chaidez
Marieke Kleemans Yongdong Liu
Stanislao Maldonado Reid Stevens
Megan Stevenson Qu Tang
Dilek Uz Gina Waterfield

Thank you for visiting! We are proud to give interested institutions a preview of our Ph.D. candidates who are available for employment in 2014-2015.

Please contact our Placement Officer to set up on-campus interviews, or if you have questions about our Placement process.

Our faculty Placement Directors for the 2014-15 academic year are Professor Maximilian Auffhammer Professor Peter Berck, and Professor Sofia Villas-Boas. They are the main contact for employers with questions about a candidate's vita, experience, or other academic items particular to the Berkeley campus.

Placement Directors

Professor Maximilian Auffhammer
Tel: 510-643-5472

Professor Peter Berck
Tel: 510-642-7238

Professor Sofia Villas-Boas
Tel: 510-643-6359

Placement Officer

Diana Lazo
Tel: 510-642-3345